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This page contains a selection of quotes, links and information intended for general knowledge about the field of ozone-oxygen in a variety of health and non-health related uses.




Check out these Tips and Tricks for Oral Hygeine from Carol VanDer Stoep, RDH that include the use of Orazone.


"The Oxygen Prescription" Author: Nathaniel Altman (2007)

Reading The Oxygen Prescription by Nathanial Altman will introduce you to the larger subject of Oxidative Therapies and the many ways ozone is being used in a variety of health-related  fields.

Ozonated Oils

"Ozonated oil has been used to treat skin problems for over a century. Although not yet widely available in pharmacies, it became quite popular in Europe during the 1950s and is marketed by mail through a number of ozone suppliers in the United States and Canada. Ozone gas is added to olive oil and applied as a balm or salve for long-term, low-dose exposure. Other bases (such as sunflower oil) for salves and creams have been developed in Cuba, where their effects have been extensively documented in hospitals and clinics. 

Ozonated oil has been found to be useful in treating a wide variety of skin problems, including dermatitis, bacterial infections of the skin (including staphylococcal diseases such as cellulitis, impetigo, ecthyma, and scalded skin syndrome) fungal infections (including infections of the nail bed and athlete's foot), fistulae, leg ulcers, bedsores, gingivitis, herpes simplex, hemorrhoids, vulvovaginitis, bee stings and insect bites, acne, furuncles and carbuncles, infections of the sweat glands (hidradenitis suppurativa), and yeast infections of the skin including candidiasis [caused by Candida albicans]. It is also useful in the postsurgical treatment of wounds, and Cuban physicians are using capsules filled with ozonated oil to treat gastro-duodenal ulcers, gastritis, giardiasis, and peptic ulcers."


"Findings by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute revealing that ozone is actually produced by the body to help fight disease."

"Oxygen therapies have been used for over 120 years.  They first appeared in mainstream journals in 1888."

"Ozone is one of three forms , called allotropes, of the element oxygen. Electrical sparks and ultraviolet light can cause ordinary oxygen to form ozone…an energized form of oxygen. Ozone was first used therapeutically to disinfect wounds during WW I. ..Ozone was the focus of considerable research during the 1930’s in Germany,where it was successfully used to  treat patients suffering from inflammatory bowl disorders, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease  and chronic bacterial diarrhea. As we will see later on in this book, there is evidence that ozone can destroy many viruses and abnormal tissue cells, including those related to hepatitis, Epstein-Barr, cancer, herpes, cytomegalovirus, and HIV."

"Oxygen is absolutely essential for healthy cells, as it acts, against foreign toxins in the body.  Many toxins, like viruses and bacteria, are mostly anaerobic, meaning that they thrive in a low-oxygen environment. Cancer viruses are among those that are anaerobic. In 1966 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg confirmed that the key precondition for the development of cancer in a near lack of oxygen on the cellular level."

"Oxidation occurs as combustion within the body when oxygen turns sugar into energy. Our body uses oxidation as its first line of defense against harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites. Oxidation breaks down toxic cells into carbon dioxide and water, and they are removed from the body through its normal processes of elimination."

"After oxidation the most important effect of breathing is oxygenation. Oxygenation involves saturation with oxygen, as in the aeration of blood in the lungs. …If the oxygenation process within the body is weak or deficient, the body cannot eliminate poisons adequately and a toxic reaction can occur."

"Therapeutic ozone stimulates the body’s immune system."

"Simply put, oxidative therapies can help accelerate oxygen metabolism and stimulate the release of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells. When levels of oxygen increase, the potential for disease decreases."

"One study evaluating the adverse side effects of over 5 million medically administered ozone treatments found that the rate of adverse side effects was only 0.0007 per application. This figure is lower than any other type of medical therapy."

"Because ozone works primarily to stimulate the body’s immune reactions through transient oxidative stress, and because blood is composed of a number of cells with different functions, the range of human health problems that can respond favorably to ozone therapy is quite broad."

"Ozone therapy can have many benefits for athletes: it not only enhances tissue oxygenation but also increases production of adenosine triphosphate, resulting in more energy and faster recovery. Ozone can also delay the onset of anaerobic fermentation of sugar in cells and reduce lactic acid build up, thus helping prevent sore muscles and improving recovery time after exertion."




Frank Shallenberger, M.D., H.M.D., A.B.A.A.M.

Dr. Shallenberger is the leading expert in the medical use of ozone in the United States.

From his website: http://www.antiagingmedicine.com/index.html 

Ozone has five properties that account for why it works so well not only for macular degeneration, but also for most other chronic age related conditions as well:

  1. Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. This means that when the immune system is overactive (as in auto-immune disease), ozone will calm it down. Conversely, when the immune system is under active as in cancer, AIDS, and chronic infections, ozone will stimulate it. This unique ability of ozone stems from its action on the membranes of white cells that causes them to produce immune related messenger molecules called cytokines. Examples of cytokines are gamma interferon, interleukin-2, colony stimulating factor, and TNF-alpha just to name a few.

  2. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen by stimulating the enzyme diphosphoglycerate (DPG).DPG enables the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin molecule so that it can be taken up into the cell.In the absence of an adequate amount of DPG, our cells become starved for oxygen.This is a common problem in diabetics.

  3. Ozone improves circulation. It does this by enhancing the flow characteristics of blood as a liquid. This effect enables more of the oxygen carrying hemoglobin to reach the capillaries where ultimately the cells will receive more of the oxygen they require. Many patients with chronic inflammatory conditions have impaired circulation.

  4. Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy including vitamin C.Most people with chronic disease have deficient antioxidant defenses.

  5. Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant.The fundamental underlying cause behind all degenerative disease from diabetes to heart disease to cancer is decreased mitochondrial energy production.Ozone can often correct this problem.


This video by Dr.Robert Rowen, MD does a great job of explaining how intravenous ozone therapy benefits the human bodie. The benefits of ozone are available to the external bodie by the use of Ozonated esters and oils. Our products allow you to bring the power of ozone home in to your daily life, rather than only when you visit your doctor's office. 


"The ozone paradox:  Authors: Bocci V. Borrelli E. Travaqli V. Zanardi I. 


“Moreover, the versatility and amplitude of beneficial effect of ozone applications have become evident in orthopedics, cutaneous, and mucosal infections as well as in dentistry.”


"Mechanisms of Action Involved in Ozone Therapy: Is healing induced via a mild oxidative stress?" Authors: Velia Bocci and Masaru Sagai


“The versatility of ozone in treating vascular and degenerative diseases as well as skin lesions, hernial disc and primary root carious lesions in children is emphasized.”

“There is already good evidence that ozone therapy is more useful in chronic limb ischemia than the golden standard (prostacyclin analogues) and patients with skin lesions are very grateful for being able to use ozonated oil. A scheme of bland ozone therapy associated to a correct life-style has been proposed for delaying aging.”

“As it has happened for other innovative medical approaches, thanks for the efforts of many expert physicians, ozone therapy will be eventually accepted by orthodox medicine. But this will happen only when, by performing randomized and well controlled clinical trials in suitable diseases, its validity and atoxicity will unequivocally be demonstrated.”