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What is OraZone™

OraZone™ is our powerful, cleansing dental cream for maximum oral/dental health. It combines the unique properties of organic jojoba esters with ozone-oxygen (O3).

What can OraZone™ do for my oral health?

As a synergistic blend, OraZone™ provides the addition of high quality ozone-oxygen to your daily oral health routines. Ozone is anti-microbial, and helps alleviate oral infections. OraZone™ has a consistent creamy viscosity and an indefinite shelf life. Many dental professionals make specific recommendations for their patient’s daily use of OraZone™.

What are some of the uses for OraZone™?

People apply OraZone™ directly to specific areas of concern, or brush into their gum line after their regular brushing routines. It has been recommended by dental professionals to also dip your floss (picks work well) into OraZone™ and floss between your teeth. Apply at night to get the maximum benefits while you sleep. OraZone™ helps remove bacteria and plaque buildup, then helps prevent future bacterial growth. One customer told us, “After making OraZone™ a regular part of my dental care, my dental hygienist, at my next visit said, “I must tell you. You have impeccable oral hygiene”

Why do many dental professionals prefer OraZone™?

One reason many dental professionals prefer our products is they find the smell and taste far more palatable to their patients than ozone with other oils. Many times OraZone™ is given to a patient to be used throughout the day to assist healing. Patients have been able to use OraZone™ during their work day without feeling uncomfortable about the smell.

What about the smell of OraZone™?

Most people find the smell of OraZone™ to be refreshing, similar to the smell after a rainstorm and the air is fresh and clean. When we super saturate our organic jojoba with O3 oxygen the oxygen smell is very clear because it is undiluted. One unique thing about OraZone™ being made with organic jojoba, is that jojoba has a mild smell compared to other oils, that may be used. Ozone smells differently in different oils.

What if the smell is not pleasant enough to me?

Here are several suggestions that you may try:

  1. Use the product as you feel appropriate for 5-10 days and see if you adapt to the smell and it no longer bothers you. Many people report they do this and end up liking or feeling neutral about the smell.
  2. Try our OraZone™ Peppermint to see if the inclusion of that essential oil meets your needs.
  3. Try blending one of the OraZone™ products with additional essential oils that you prefer or your dental professional recommends.
  4. Try adding the OraZone™ to your brush with your regular toothpaste.
  5. Decide if, for you, the benefits of using the ozone products outweigh odor factor.

What about the taste of OraZone?™

Ozonated jojoba tastes “fresh” to most people. However, as with anything, some people may find the taste bland or spicy or different. It can be added to your regular tooth paste if you like.

How do people use OraZone™ as part of their flossing routine?

Some people use flossing picks, dipping into the OraZone™ and applying between their teeth. Some use other types of flossing picks, including regular string See Dental Hygienist, Carol Vander Stoep’s Tips and Tricks from her video on MouthMattersBook.com.

What’s the best way to brush with OraZone™?

You could use a little OraZone™ with your regular toothpaste, gel, or baking soda. However, the full effect of the ozone would be diluted. If you’re maintaining good oral health, this would be a great option. Using a toothbrush with three prongs of bristles is a good way to place OraZone™ into the gum line both front and back.

What is O3 Coconut Oil Pulling – Mouth Rinse™?

O3 Coconut Oil Pulling – Mouth Rinse™ allows you to super charge the multi-thousand year old Indian Ayurvedic health practice of “oil pulling”, or as we might say today “mouth rinsing”. In Ayurvedic medicine oil pulling has been seen as a whole body detoxification method, extracting toxins and microorganisms in the mouth and allowing the body to better heal itself.

O3 indicates three atoms of oxygen and is produced in nature by lightning and thunderstorms—generating the smell and feeling of freshness. Technology developed in the early 1900’s allows us to capture that ability and apply it to water, and many oils.

O3 Coconut Oil Pulling – Mouth Rinse™ brings the extra cleansing power of ozone- infused organic jojoba combined with organic coconut and organic peppermint essential oil. In Ayurvedic practices, many different kinds of oils have been used. At O3 Essentials, we believe organic coconut and organic jojoba esters are the best.

What can O3 Coconut Oil Pulling – Mouth Rinse™ do for my oral health?

  • Help detoxify tongue, palate, gums, teeth and upper throat
  • Provide the highly effective, anti-microbial properties of O3–ozone oxygen
  • Benefit from coconut’s healthy medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) & the anti-bacterial properties of coconut’s lauric acid
  • Freshen breath with the cleansing, invigorating properties of peppermint
  • Through the process of oil pulling, paying attention to the mouth, jaw and facial muscles—“facial yoga”—may help prevent or lessen face and jaw related discomforts.

What is the practice of oil pulling?

  • Oil pulling means swishing—pulling and pushing vigorously—1-2 teaspoons of our O3 Coconut Oil Pulling – Mouth Rinse™ through the mouth, teeth, gums, palate and upper throat (avoid swallowing) for 5-20 minutes.
  • The oil may feel watery when you start and will become thicker as debris is picked up, the longer you pull.
  • When ready, spit it out and rinse with clean water. You may follow with brushing your teeth.
  • Doing oil pulling in the morning is recommended to get a fresh start at the beginning of your day. Oil pulling may also be done in the evening or more frequently if you have specific concerns or conditions, or your health provider recommends more frequent use.

‚ÄčWhat is O3 Skincare?

O3 skincare products bring you the powerful benefits of O3 oxygen for daily preventive health care.  Benefits include improved cleansing, circulation, and repair as well as softening, replenishing and revitalizing the skin.  We make a jojoba conditioning line of products and a coconut moisturizing line of products.

What does O3 Oxygen mean?

O3 has three atoms of oxygen and is called ozone-oxygen. It is created in through the rising of oxygen from the earth being heated by the sun. It is also created through the use of ozone- oxygen equipment so that oils can be infused with O3 oxygen. 

How does ozone-oxygen help?

Ozone stimulates the increased uptake and utilization of oxygen through the enzyme system of the body. Enzyme deficiencies are at the root of all chronic disease, and also become depleted as a result of the aging process. Ozone is the most potent inducer supporting the body to utilize available oxygen to repair itself. Ozone is highly anti-microbial and is used in various medical and healthcare practices to aid in healing internal and external inflammatory conditions.

 What is involved in the O3 Skincare infusion process?

O3 Skincare products are made through our own unique method for infusing ozone into jojoba over many days until the desired amount of saturation is reached.

Why use jojoba?

 Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) refers to a woody perennial bush native to arid climates in the United States and many other countries. The plant can take up to three years to produce flowers, followed by pollination until the growing seed fills the capsule and eventually bursts out of the seed capsule and falls to the ground. Of the over 300,000 identified plant species, jojoba is the only one that produces liquid wax esters similar to esters produced by human skin.  Jojoba technically is not an oil, although it looks like an oil.  An ester is more of a wax like substance than an oil and is more of a conditioner of the skin than a surface moisturizer. This biological compatibility between human skin and jojoba, we believe, makes it the best way to deliver oxygen deeply into the skin.  We then use the saturated jojoba in varying levels in our skincare and dental care products.

What are some of the benefits of using the O3 Jojoba Skin Conditioner?

Benefits include: As an ester a little goes a long way; it stays longer on the surface of the skin to benefit conditioning; it does not go rancid; maintains it’s effectiveness; replenishes dry skin, excellent to put on at night for fine lines and dry patches of skin, great for overall body oil and as a massage lubricant; it may also be used on the scalp and as a hair conditioner.

Why use coconut?

Coconut is our first choice as an oil for the skin. It is widely known as a beneficial food and as a topical skin oil. Unlike almost all other fats and oils, coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) rather than the customary long chain (LCFA) making up most oils. Coconut brings the quality of “oil” to our skincare products that the jojoba doesn’t.

What are some of the benefits of using the O3 coconut moisturizer?

Benefits include: relieving dryness, supporting softness, reducing inflammation, healing damaged tissues, protecting the skin from premature aging. Our O3 Skincare Moisturizer is blended with a light amount of saturated O3 jojoba to bring the moisturizing properties of coconut to you. We also use coconut in our O3 Dental Care products to assist with periodontal health.  Our O3 Coconut Oil Pulling Mouth Rinse brings the ancient Ayurvedic practice of “oil pulling” into present time.  Be sure to read that product information as well.







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